Choral Alliance

Mill Creek Choral Alliance

Welcome! Please be sure that all students/parents sign in and create/edit your account for Charms! Even if you already have an account, you will need to update your class and your grade level. This is very important and all parents and students are reminded to please do this at your earliest convenience.

Charms Accounts 

Once in the Charms Office site, follow these directions:

Press "Enter";
Select "Parents/Sutdents/Members";
Enter our School Code/MCHS Code as: Mill Creek Chorus;
In the Password Box, type in your student's school ID and click ENTER.

Then procede to update/enter all of your information, including email addresses, phone numbers, Class, Etc.
You can also pay your first installment of Mill Creek Choral Alliance dues in Charms using a credit card through PayPal.