Mill Creek Chorus Singing Hawks

2018-2019 Chorus Placements/Auditions

Future Singing Hawk Chorus Auditions for students not currently enrolled in chorus at Mill Creek, Osborne MS or Jones MS, will be held Monday Jan 22, 2018 in the MC Chorus room. 

  • Rising 10-12th graders audition time is 2:30-4:00;   
  • Rising 9th graders- audition time is 4:20-6:00 pm;  No sign up, first come, first audition. 
  • All students will be asked to sing 2 sight-reading examples and major/minor and chromatic scales.  No worries---if you are a beginner, and don't know how to sight-read, come let me voice you and we will determine your voice part!  All students are welcome to come give it a try!  

All information  (handouts, applications, Handbook, Calendar, Uniform Info, etc) is posted on your student's EClass page. All new and returning students are asked to visit our Chorus Information and Financial Hub, CHARMS (www.charmsoffice.com) and update all of your personal information.  This website will be used for ALL CHORUS COMMUNICATION and is VITAL that student and parent email information is kept up to date for you to stay informed of chorus activities, deadlines, and general information.    For your convenience, I am posting some general information, but please know this website will not be regularly maintained. If you ever have a question, feel free to email your chorus teacher.   I am looking forward to a wonderful year with my new and my returning Singing Hawks!!!!   

Stephanie Archer stephanie_d_archer@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

CHARMS OFFICE LOG IN Instructions:   www.charmsoffice.com  Log in:  mill creek chorus     Password:  (1st log in, password is your students school ID #)  

Some upcoming 2017-2018 important Dates: 

      *8/14 NEW STUDENT and PARENT MEETING August 14th, 6:30 PM in the chorus room

      *8/25  ALL NEW STUDENTS UNIFORM ORDERS DUE in CHARMS-- (go to www.charmsoffice.com      Log in is:  mill creek chorus     Password is:  (1st log on is your students school ID#) Uniforms can be purchased through the store in CHARMS which is the chorus financial and communication website.  

      *SPECTRUM Show Choir Auditions:  Aug 22, 23 & 24.     These fees are due in check format by the 17th--before the audition.  Students who do not make the choir, checks will be returned.  

    *9/28 Fine Arts Show Case  --  Mastery/Quartet only  

    *10/12 Fall Concert (Required--all chorus) 

    *10/27-28   Honor Chorus in Athens, GA 

    *12/11 Chorus Winter Concert (REQUIRED- All Chorus) 

    *2/15-17 GMEA All State Chorus in Athens, GA 

    *3/1 Pre-LGPE Concert (REQUIRED-All Chorus) 

    *3/17 GHSA (Georgia High School Association) State Literary Meet -- Soloists, Trio and Quartet 

    *4/5-8  Show Choir Competition in Orlando, FL

    *4/30, 5/1-3 SPRING Show REQUIRED Rehearsals Time, TBA 

   *5/4 & 5/5  SPRING CHORUS SHOW~   REQUIRED all chorus 

Thank you!  Let's make it a WONDERFUL year! 

Mrs. Archer

Chorus Supplies Needed:  Black 1", plain, 3-ring binder;  2 pencils every day;  1 red pen, every day (just in case);  Students Last Name A-P:  2 boxes of tissue paper;  Students Last Name Q-Z 2 bottles of hand sanitizer for the classroom;


 Musically Yours, 

Mrs. Archer   

Download this file (After School Hours Activity Form YEARROUND.doc)Year-Long Activity Form [fill out name and bottom only....return to Mrs. Archer ]33 kB
Download this file (ChorusClassTryouts (2).docx)Chorus Audition Packet[For students wishing to sing with Mill Creek 18-19! ]229 kB